Reimagining Your Command Center Strategy: Uniting AI, Automation, and Change Management to Drive $10k per Bed Annually in Increased Margins
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 7, 2023, 12:45 PM - 1:30 PM
Jason Harber

Providing optimal access to care requires health systems to maximize the utilization of their resources across every hospital in their network. Unfortunately, fragmented and siloed operations exist across patient placement centers, staffing offices, and the individual hospitals within the network.  This leaves both system and local executives dealing with conflicting operational improvement strategies, disconnected system-level and local teams, and daily heroics being used to resolve issues. The result of this ongoing top-down disconnect is a cycle of operational inefficiency that hinders both access to care for the community and the overall financial wellness of the health system.

Join Jason Harber, LeanTaaS’ Vice President, Client Services - Inpatient Flow, to discuss how intelligent workflow automation solutions provide the opportunity to address these issues and connect all teams across the health system, regardless of their location, creating a virtual command center experience. Discover the transformative potential of integrating AI, talented experts, and strategic insights in health system operations and how this dynamic combination empowers complex organizations to achieve results such as:

  • Add $10k/bed in margins annually through improved utilization of resources and staff
  • Give 25% time back to leaders and frontline teams
  • Enhance patient care and improve staff satisfaction

We hope you will join us to learn how your health system can benefit by leveraging the right combination of technology, transformation resources, and strategies.

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