This exclusive conference brings together hospital business and strategy leaders to discuss how to improve your hospital and its bottom line in these challenging but opportunity-filled times. The best minds in the hospital field will discuss opportunities for hospitals plus provide practical and immediately useful guidance.

Don't miss out! Your chance to advance healthcare awaits.

Please be as specific as possible - we use this to customize the event experience for you based on your role. Example - "Chief Medical Officer" instead of "CMO" or "Director, Innovation" instead of "Director"

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Event is closed to non-provider attendees. Registrants must currently be employed by a provider facility. All registrations that do not qualify will be issued a refund and directed to alternative options. 

If you're interested in participating and are not currently employed by a provider facility, please contact our team at for exhibiting / sponsorship information.

Cancellation Policy: Written cancellation requests must be received within 120 days of transaction or by February 1, 2024, whichever is first. Refunds are subject to a $100 processing fee. Refunds will not be made after this date.