Optimizing a healthcare provider's IT operating model and talent strategy saves $400+ million

The overall cost of healthcare is increasing — and no healthcare organization is exempt from rising costs. Experiencing year-over-year increases in operating losses is unsustainable.

But that's exactly where one healthcare company found itself.

This short report is a case study of one healthcare organization that was looking to reduce IT operating costs but did not know how best to achieve it without impacting operations. Additionally, they lacked visibility into their contingent talent spend. 

Joy in Medicine - Health System Recognition Program

The American Medical Association’s Joy in MedicineTM Health System Recognition Program is designed to guide and support organizations committed to improving physician satisfaction and reducing burnout.

The program provides a roadmap for health systems to follow in supporting physician well-being and is based on organizational achievement in six domains. These domains, which are evaluated through self-assessment and supporting documentation, include: commitment, assessment, efficiency of practice environment, leadership, teamwork and support.


2024 IT preview: Top challenges, priorities and investments from provider execs

Healthcare is facing a pivotal moment in terms of digital strategy. Increasing cyberattacks, the necessity of EHR modernization and demand for digital care are just a few of the factors that leaders today need to contend with. As a result, the majority of executive respondents in a recent survey are anticipating budget increases in 2024. 

This whitepaper dives into data gathered from 144 healthcare provider executives on their current spending, priorities, challenges and more. Their responses illustrate a continued need to adapt to technological advancement, stay on top of security threats, and invest in solutions that will improve both the patient and employee experience. 


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Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, Chief Executive Officer of Mayo Clinic

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Anisha Sood, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer at First Choice Health

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Seth M. Ciabotti, Chief Executive Officer at MSU Health Care.


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