How DSOs can maximize collection rates for any dental practice

In this economy, patient collections are everything. Discover the most effective patient billing outreach strategies for multiple dental practice types and sizes to maximize collection rates. 

Sampling from over 150,000 instances of outreach over 90 days, this report shows how different factors including balance size, patient demographics, and balance age impact the number of attempts required to collect payment.

In this whitepaper, get the answer to these three questions and more:  

  • What is the best plan for engaging patients?
  • How many touch points does it take to get a payment?
  • How does the age of accounts receivable affect notifications? 


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Cyrus Lee, DMD, Chief Executive Officer at Permanente Dental Associates.

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Jonathan Mason, Chief Clinical Officer at Select Dental Management LLC.

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Florian Hillen, Founder and CEO of Videa Health.


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