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Cordell Hammond
AAPC Business Solutions
AAPC Business Solutions has the largest network of billing, coding, auditing, and practice management professionals. We provide a suite of revenue cycle management solutions that support healthcare organizations with training, accreditation, and the tools necessary to ensure revenue optimization.

Joanne Sepetjian
Aideo Technologies
About AIDÉO Technologies
Aidéo Technologies is a leading provider of medical coding productivity solutions to the revenue cycle management industry. Creating scalable and repeatable coding efficiency, Aidéo Technologies’ Gemini Solution Suite empowers and complements medical coders with workflow efficiencies, artificial intelligence, and supplemental coding services. The Gemini Coder Platform™, Gemini AutoCode™, and Gemini Coding Assist™ solutions are optimized to work together for maximum impact in creating efficiency and improving accuracy through workflow improvements and autonomous and predictive coding. Aidéo is headquartered in Palm Beach, FL with locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Mumbai, India

Michelle Golighlty
Alpha II
Alpha II/RCxRules is a leading healthcare RCM partner focused on reducing missed revenue by improving staff efficiency and ensuring clean claims. Our solutions go beyond basic edits to focus on clinical usage and data appropriateness. Build a rule repository using your RCM team’s expertise to automatically review all encounters and autocorrect routine coding and billing errors without manual staff intervention.

Erin Haynie
Aspirion, a US-based, technology-leading RCM company, partners with healthcare providers to capture revenue from their most difficult to resolve claims. Utilizing proprietary advanced technology and a team of healthcare, legal, and technical professionals, Aspirion recovers lost claims revenue by overturning denials and underpayments, resolving aged accounts receivable, and efficiently managing complex claims collections.

Alexis Espinosa
Athelas is a leading provider of healthcare workflow automation and revenue cycle tools, empowering better operational, financial, and care outcomes for tens of thousands of clinicians and patients. As part of its solution suite, Athelas RCM helps healthcare organizations of all sizes minimize denials, boost payments, and accelerate overall revenue.

Lynn Bradway
Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere is a leader in AI-powered intelligent process automation that puts AI to work across any organization. Our Automation Enterprise System is powered with specialized AI, generative AI and offers process discovery, end-to-end process orchestration, document processing, and analytics, with a security and governance-first approach. Automation Anywhere empowers organizations worldwide to unleash productivity gains, drive innovation, improve customer service and accelerate business growth. The company is guided by a vision to fuel the future of work by unleashing human potential through AI-powered automation.

Amy Graycochea
Availity’s vision is to connect, delight, and empower the nation’s premier healthcare ecosystem. As the nation’s largest real-time health information network, Availity delivers innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, drive transformative outcomes, and improve patient care experiences.

Suzanne Brousseau
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Beckman Coulter has been a global leader in diagnostics for over 80 years. With the recent acquisition of the TriageGO tool and launch of the CDS Business Unit, we've established our commitment to the development of artificial intelligence as it applies to diagnostics. Beckman Coulter is committed to innovating AI technologies that improve clinical decision making for years to come.

Donna Breault
Best Buy Health
Best Buy Health aims to enable care at home for everyone. Serving over one million people today, Best Buy Health supports our customers with technology for their health journeys across the arc of their lives by focusing on three pillars: wellness at home, aging at home and care at home. Services include an extensive offering of consumer health and wellness products at Best Buy stores and BestBuy.com, independent living and emergency services for the aging population from Lively, and care-at-home programs from Current Health.

Barb Chandler
CallMiner allows providers to improve their patient experience, patient satisfaction, quality of care, agent performance, and outcomes by accurately and automatically revealing insight from every patient voice and text interaction.

Lexi Lutz
care.ai is revolutionizing healthcare with the world’s first and most advanced AI-powered Smart Care Facility Platform and Always-Aware Ambient Intelligent Sensors, enabling Smart Hospitals that autonomously improve clinical and operational workflows and support new virtual models of care for Smart Care Teams.

Bryan Schnepf
Caregility Corporation
Caregility (caregility.com) is a telehealth solution provider connecting care everywhere. Designated as the Best in KLAS® Virtual Care Platform (non-EMR) in 2021, 2022, and 2023, Caregility Cloud™ brings bedside care, virtual encounters, and AI capabilities together at the point of care. Doctors, nurses, and patients worldwide rely on our intelligent telehealth edge devices and virtual nursing, observation, and engagement applications to enhance clinical insights, patient safety, and efficiency. Trusted by over 75 health systems, deployed in more than 1,000 hospitals, and supporting over 30,000 connected devices and millions of virtual sessions annually, Caregility is helping to transform healthcare delivery across inpatient, outpatient, and home settings.

Jaime and Siabhon
CDW has served the healthcare IT industry for more than 30 years, so we understand the nuances of leveraging technology in the care arena, whether you’re a large hospital, small doctor’s office or anything in between. We offer the latest IT solutions and services you need to give your patients the best care across the continuum – from the digital front door to the hospital at home. We can advise you on the right IT path to take and help you select the best technologies, tools and services to advance your healthcare mission and keep patients at the forefront. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your EHR, redesign your infrastructure, improve care delivery at the bedside or elevate the home health patient experience, we can help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated healthcare account managers and specialized healthcare solution architects leverage software, hardware and comprehensive services to help you create a customized solution that leads to more positive patient experiences, higher-quality care and more efficient clinical workflows.

Nathan Dubois
Delivering seamless online patient and member experiences is more difficult and more important than ever. Digital data is difficult to use, incomplete, and restricted by HIPAA— we get it. This is why you should meet with Celebrus. We’re proven in the healthcare space to help you build, understand, and improve your digital front door. We capture digital interactions from all your digital properties to help you build better journeys and give you the ability to better understand your patients and members. We don’t require a massive technical implementation, and the data we capture for you never leaves your four walls. Beloved by the business and respected by your technology and compliance teams, we’re with you every step of the way. We look forward to meeting you.

Dorothy Loman
Charge Capture
Charge Capture powered by MDTech optimizes billing cycles and prevents revenue loss for multi-provider practices. Reduce billing lag while increasing practice productivity with one easy-to-use mobile app built for managing patient notes, billing codes, and rounding lists, all from the point of care.

Rita and Anel
CliniComp is a technology pioneer serving customers in the electronic health record (EHR) arena, delivering best-of-breed IT solutions globally for over 40 years. CliniComp offers a System-as-a-Service model, eliminating exorbitant cost and service ambiguity, with all system components included for the life of the customer. The CliniComp all-inclusive EHR solution is seamless, adaptable, and secure with unrivaled reliability.

Christine Mellyn
CloudWave, the expert in healthcare data security, is the largest, most experienced, and trusted independent software hosting provider in healthcare. CloudWave provides cloud, cybersecurity, and managed services that deliver a multi-cloud approach to enable healthcare organizations with any electronic health record (EHR) service to architect, integrate, manage, and protect a personalized solution using private cloud, public cloud, and cloud edge resources. The company is 100% focused on healthcare and delivers enterprise cloud services to nearly 300 hospitals and healthcare organizations, supporting 140+ EHR, clinical, and enterprise applications.

CloudWave's OpSus cloud services provide managed hosting, end-to-end disaster recovery, systems management, cybersecurity, backup, and archiving services. CloudWave's Sensato Cybersecurity suite enables hospitals to implement a fully managed cybersecurity program to detect threats and respond to cybersecurity incidents in a fully integrated, easy-to-deploy holistic platform. To learn more, visit www.gocloudwave.com.

Carly Rose
CodaMetrix provides an AI-powered platform for multi-specialty autonomous medical coding in use at more than a dozen premier provider organizations and health systems, representing more than 200 hospitals and 50K providers. The platform – which was incubated at Mass General Brigham – is uniquely designed to improve medical coding quality, reduce the overall cost of care, and alleviate administrative burden on providers. Built for and by providers, the CodaMetrix platform provides real-time audit capabilities and seamless EHR integration which are used as a feedback loop to continuously improve learning.

Jennifer Alves
Cognizant RCM brings tailored end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions architected to help organizations achieve operational efficiency and compliance. With a focus on solution specialization, accountability, and customer performance through a wide breadth of offerings, including solutions for bad debt, third party liability, eligibility, coding and chargemaster services and denials, users are able to streamline vendor management, staff resources and financials. Adding expertise at virtually every level of the revenue cycle by utilizing innovative solutions and services combined with extensive industry knowledge, we help clients transform their business to drive growth and prepare for the future of healthcare.

Jay Worman
For hospitals & health systems, physician groups and employers & unions. Conifer Health is your partner in care – providing revenue cycle and value-based care solutions that optimize financial performance, improve business outcomes and elevate the healthcare experience.