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231 Black healthcare leaders to know | 2024

Diversity in healthcare leadership results in a more well-rounded experience for patients and providers. 

Becker's is thrilled to honor these Black healthcare leaders. The leaders featured on this list are shaping the patient experience, educating and training the next generation of healthcare providers, and furthering equity and inclusion.

141+ women in health IT to know | 2024

75 hospital and health system chief pharmacy officers to know | 2024

60 academic medical center COOs to know | 2024

Women are working to shape and enhance the future of healthcare through health IT. These strong female leaders are modernizing administrative healthcare processes, cutting back on inefficiencies, standardizing workflows and more. 

Becker's is delighted to honor 75 hospital and health system chief pharmacy officers.

Chief pharmacy officers provide systemwide oversight of medication management and drug supply, which in turn creates a safer patient experience. These executives are also responsible for leading cost-effective pharmacy strategy, implementing impactful pharmacy policies, driving automation and technology initiatives, and educating the next generation of pharmacy leaders.

Academic medical centers are a crucial part of the healthcare delivery system. AMC COOs are committed to streamlining operations to offer excellent patient care using research and innovation.

The COOs heading academic medical centers and health systems across the nation are tasked with leading operations, expanding service lines, allocating resources and more. 

354+ healthcare revenue cycle management companies to know | 2024

196 women hospital presidents and CEOs to know | 2024

110 rural hospital and health system CEOs to know | 2024

In the face of complex, complicated healthcare revenue cycles, RCM companies provide cutting-edge solutions to simplify the process.

Becker's is proud to honor 196 women presidents and CEOs of hospitals and health systems. 

The women leading these hospitals and health systems are passionate about care access, equity and diversity, and the overall improvement of healthcare delivery.

Rural hospitals allow patients from remote areas to receive care without traveling long distances or sacrificing quality. The CEOs leading these necessary institutions take on a variety of responsibilities to ensure rural communities have access to top-tier healthcare.

The executives featured on this list are committed to expanding hospital service lines, renovating and improving their facilities, and hiring talented team members. Although many rural hospitals have struggled due to Covid-19 and national staffing shortages in recent years, these leaders have created sustainable models for continued success.

46 chief digital officers to know | 2024

83 CHROs and chief people officers to know | 2024

180 chief medical officers to know | 2024

Becker's is delighted to name 46 hospital and health system chief digital officers to know. 

Healthcare organizations are increasingly hiring chief digital officers to helm their digital transformation endeavors. These leaders are tasked with overseeing technology integration, improving the patient journey, and increasing care access through digital initiatives. In collaboration with their IT and clinical colleagues, chief digital officers are implementing digital tools that allow for streamlined EHRs and workflows organizationwide.

Chief human resources officers and chief people officers are tasked with developing strong human capital strategies for their hospitals and health systems. 

These leaders have a wide range of responsibilities, including oversight of recruitment, retention, compensation, benefits, development and much more. As top human resources executives, their efforts are crucial in shaping workforce culture in alignment with their organization's values.

Becker's Healthcare is thrilled to honor 180 exceptional chief medical officers in healthcare. 

The physician leaders highlighted by this list champion patient safety, uphold rigorous quality standards, act as liaisons between leadership teams and medical staff, manage risk, and much more. These CMOs are drivers of continuous improvement, and their efforts have helped garner numerous quality and safety accolades for their respective organizations.

150+ top places to work in healthcare | 2024

54 CXOs to know | 2024

27 critical access hospitals to know | 2024

Becker's Healthcare is delighted to release its 2024 list of 150+ top places to work in healthcare. This list highlights hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that prioritize workplace excellence and the happiness, satisfaction, wellbeing and fulfillment of their employees. 

These organizations offer robust benefits packages, professional and personal development opportunities, diverse work environments and the resources necessary for work-life balance. When employees feel respected and cared for, their organizations thrive – and these companies are prime examples of this golden rule. Many of these companies have a deep impact on their communities as well, providing volunteer opportunities and emphasizing social responsibility. 

Becker's Healthcare is thrilled to recognize 54 strong chief experience officers who are serving hospitals and health systems across the nation.

CXOs oversee the entire lifespan of the patient and provider journey. These detail-oriented leaders ensure that all interactions with their hospitals and health systems feel safe, high-quality, convenient and intuitive. The CXOs honored are innovative thinkers, strategic planners, brand storytellers, and fierce advocates for their patients and team members. 

Becker's Healthcare is pleased to name 27 critical access hospitals to know. 

These hospitals are vital components of the overall healthcare delivery system, providing quality care to the residents and visitors of rural areas. The small but mighty organizations are working to expand access to specialty care, cut down on patient travel times, and improve community health. 

Critical access hospitals are those that offer 24/7 emergency care and have no more than 25 inpatient beds. While compiling this list, the editorial team examined rankings and awards from several respected organizations, including Healthgrades, the National Rural Health Association and the Chartis Center for Rural Health.