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Reducing unnecessary readmissions — Smart digital support for better care transitions

Hospitals and health systems have been challenged by readmissions for years. The costs associated with hospital readmissions can be high — in some cases even higher than the original hospitalization. This places a burden on patients, their families and the health system.

Patients who are transitioning out of the hospital are at a vulnerable point in their care journeys. Digital technology has emerged as a potential means of helping usher patients through this period of vulnerability. One such program has been proven to reduce hospital readmissions and enable greater care team efficiency with digital-first care journeys. This white paper examines this technology. 

Learning points:

  • How a digital platform can lower hospital readmissions by 25% at 30 days.
  • How care management teams deliver more efficient care, allowing health systems to increase capacity, with technology.
  • How technology can be leveraged to build trust with patients and identify barriers to care related to social determinants of health.


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Tom Grote

CEO, Banner | Aetna

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Henriette Coetzer, MD

CMO, Blue Health Intelligence

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Dr. Adam Wolk

Regional CMO, Alignment Health


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