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Sam Woodhouse
Ada Health
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Christine Duncan
American Medical Association
The AMA Health System Program partners with your leadership to tailor solutions that allow you to maximize support for your physicians and care teams. We provide resources to help you improve joy in the practice of medicine, cultivate and spotlight your thought leadership and amplify your physicians’ voices in health care policy.

Liz Joyce
AMN Healthcare
AMN Healthcare is the leader and innovator in total talent solutions for healthcare organizations across the United States. People are the heart of healthcare, and at the core of our mission is a commitment to ensure all may thrive. Through a steadfast partnership approach, we solve the most pressing workforce challenges to enable better clinical outcomes and access to care. We provide a comprehensive network of quality healthcare professionals and deliver a fully integrated and customizable suite of workforce technologies. For more information, visit www.amnhealthcare.com

Rodney Napier
Apprio delivers smart automation for healthcare. With expert AI, analytics, and support, our clients reduce administrative burden, improve financial performance, and maximize the use of human capital.

Hayley White, Blake White
Axon TASERs, body-worn cameras, and incident management system provides complete transparency, theft deterrence, de-escalation tools for violence prevention, and a software platform that makes evidence sharing and case management simple.

David Waintraub
Serving humanity through science

Biogen is a leading global biotechnology company that has pioneered multiple breakthrough
innovations. We embrace diverse perspectives to spark creativity, foster an inclusive culture to advance
understanding and, ultimately, to better serve the patients who depend on our medicines.

Jodie Wierzbicki
BlueSky Synergy
BlueSky Synergy pioneered the first healthcare-specific contract staffing software 20+ years ago and has continued to lead the industry with tools for the changing workforce landscape. Originally created as a partnership between a staffing agency and a health system, there’s something for everyone in an exceptionally configurable, surprisingly affordable BlueSky system. Our clients reduce reliance on staffing agencies while transforming their Staffing Office into a profit center.

Rachel Ablov
Briya’s global healthcare data network taps into the potential of patient-level data, fostering seamless collaboration between hospitals, clinics, health systems, researchers, and life sciences organizations worldwide while upholding regulations.

Patrick Morin
Cambridge Associates
Cambridge Associates works with more than 40 US healthcare systems and has more than 35 years of experience partnering with healthcare clients. Our deep knowledge of healthcare enterprise issues combined with our expertise in alternative assets, impact investing, and governance helps us build a portfolio that reflects the complex and changing needs of healthcare systems.

Kristina Furner
CAQH is a leading organization focused on aligning the healthcare ecosystem around essential solutions, creating a more connected and less costly experience for all. For more than 20 years, CAQH has partnered with millions of providers, thousands of health plans, state Medicaid agencies, and leading healthcare stakeholders who leverage the organization's solutions, operating rules, and insights to connect and exchange data every day as a part of the business of healthcare. Learn more at CAQH.org.

Bryan Gordon
Cleverley + Associates
Cleverley + Associates is the trusted leader in hospital data, pricing, benchmarking, and transparency consulting.

Anel Farmer
CliniComp is a technology pioneer serving customers in the electronic health record (EHR) arena for over 40 years, delivering an exceptional EHR solution suite. Uniquely, CliniComp offers a System-as-a-Service model, eliminating exorbitant cost and service ambiguity, with software, hardware, and services included for the life of the customer. CliniComp’s comprehensive EHR solution is seamless, adaptable, and secure with unrivaled reliability.

Jay Worman
Conifer Health Solutions
Conifer Health Solutions is a revenue cycle services company focused on driving improved outcomes for patients and healthcare providers. We are a business partner who is passionate about quality healthcare. Working with Conifer, providers can spend more time on patient care and less time on everyday revenue management responsibilities.

Shannon Cornett
Core Clinical Partners
Core Clinical Partners, a practice management organization specializing in Emergency and Hospital Medicine, offers clinician outsourcing, clinician insourcing, revenue cycle management, and healthcare consulting. Core focuses on building personalized partnerships with hospitals and health systems, tailoring our services to meet their unique needs.

Mckenna Bunge
CorroHealth is the leading provider of clinically led healthcare analytics and technology-driven solutions, dedicated to positively impacting the financial performance for physicians, hospitals, and health plans. With over 11,000 employees worldwide, CorroHealth offers integrated solutions, proven expertise, intelligent technology, and scalability to address needs across the entire revenue cycle. Our global presence extends over 10 locations, including the United States, India, and the United Kingdom, enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional service on a large scale.

Sheba Ehteshami
Professional services organization

Cami Asher
ECG Management Consultants
With knowledge and expertise built over the course of 50-plus years, ECG is a national consulting firm that is redefining healthcare together with its clients. ECG offers a broad range of strategic, financial, operational, and technology-related consulting services. ECG is an industry leader, offering specialized expertise to hospitals, health systems, medical groups, academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, investors, and payers/health plans. As an affiliated partner of Siemens Healthineers, ECG’s subject matter experts have a proven track record of delivering results fueled by top talent and technology.​

Katie Robinson
Edifecs market-leading solutions enable customers to aggregate, normalize, and unify data with its Best in KLAS interoperability platform. Edifecs’ customers serve nearly 300 million people in the U.S. Their solutions incorporate NLP, ML, and AI to enhance data usability. Edifecs customers include 24 of the 25 top U.S health plans, 27 out of 34 of the Blue Cross Blue Shield payers, 35 of 50 Medicaid programs, and 5 out of the 10 largest health systems.

Amy Summers
Ensemble Health Partners
Ensemble Health Partners is a full-service revenue cycle management company, delivering holistic financial health for hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country. Through a combination of 10,000+ certified revenue cycle operators, data-rich intelligence and AI-infused decisioning, Ensemble helps healthcare organizations sustain best-practice revenue cycle operations and maximize their current technology, so providers can focus on delivering exceptional care in their communities. For more information, visit EnsembleHP.com.

Erika Koch
Epic software is built around a single comprehensive health record, so everything works together - in a doctor's office, hospital, long-term facility, or the patient's home. This approach helps care teams make measurable improvements in care quality and reductions in cost.