About the Event


Unravel the secrets of growth alongside leaders who've scaled their health systems to new heights. Dive deep into their strategic outlooks, dissecting the culture, talent, and innovation that fuel their meteoric rise.

But growth alone isn't enough. Witness CEOs blazing a trail for diversity, equity, and inclusion, shattering glass ceilings and fostering environments where every voice thrives. Learn how to embrace bold ideas that not only strengthen your organization but also transform the very fabric of healthcare.

This is your chance to network with visionary leaders, glean actionable insights, and plot a course for healthcare's future. Register today and set sail for uncharted heights at the "CEO + CFO Virtual Event!"


  • Healthcare Workforce Redesign: Best Ideas
  • The Future of the Healthcare Workforce: Bold Ideas and Innovations
  • The Tough Decisions Ahead for Hospital CEOs: What it Takes to Lead Through Change
  • Hospital Financial Strategy Reboot: How to Proceed as Healthcare Exits the Hospital