Q: Where is the Dentistry Roundtable located? 
The Swissotel Chicago, 323 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: (888) 737-9477 

Q: How do I reserve my hotel room?

We will have a room block available, click here to reserve a room within our block. This conference will occur in conjunction with our 29th Annual Business & Operations of ASCs Meeting; You are invited to stay for those sessions on the 28th as well. 

Please note that our team cannot make new reservations or change pre-existing reservations. If you experience any issues or have questions regarding your hotel reservation, please contact the hotel directly.

Q: How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

Chicago has two airports - O'Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW), which are both 15-20 miles from Downtown Chicago. Taxi service is readily available from both airports and runs about $45 one way. Depending on the time of day, a cab will take approximately 30 minutes. GO Airport Express offers airport shuttle services between Chicago area locations and O'Hare and Midway Airports. Efficient, safe, and economical airport shuttles depart from O'Hare and Midway Airports every 15 minutes for Chicago downtown and many suburban locations. Ground transportation is arranged by making a reservation.

Q: How do I pick up my badge?
Pick up your badge at the registration desk located in the Lugano foyer.

Q: What is my booth number?
This will be emailed to you approximately 45 days prior to the conference. 

Q: What is included in my Exhibitor package?
See Exhibitor Spaces for detailed information regarding exhibitor spaces.

Q: What is the height restriction for my booth?
In the Alpine exhibit area, structures should be 10 ft tall max. Foyer exhibits should adhere to an 8 foot max.

Q: Can my booth host a raffle?
Absolutely! We encourage all booths to host a raffle on an evening with a reception to encourage attendees to stop by and leave business cards. If you plan on participating in a raffle, please email events@beckershealthcare.com to let us know what you'll be raffling. We will then arrange a time to stop by your booth and announce the winner(s). 

Q: What happens if I teardown early?

Exhibitors who dismantle ahead of the dedicated, 2:40 pm CT tear down time on October 27th will be charged an additional 50% of their booth cost.

We will not be able to bring out empty boxes from storage before the event's conclusion. Any exhibitor who chooses to dismantle outside of the dedicated tear down time will be charged an additional 50% of their booth cost.

Q: What are the approximate setup and teardown hours?
The installation of exhibits will be on October 26th. Tear down of exhibits will take place on Friday, October 27th. Exact times will be updated on the hall hours page

Q: Will there be a company on-site to help set up the booths? 
The Becker's staff is available to assist; however, there will not be a company available to help with booth setup. If you'd like to hire a company to provide this service, you are welcome to do so at your own expense. 

Q: I signed up with ATS — where do I go to pick up my Lead Retrieval device?
We will have an ATS booth/ATS member in the Zurich exhibit hall. The Becker's team is also happy to bring over your Lead Retrieval device, just let us know on site.

Q: Is the hall carpeted?
Yes, the exhibit area is carpeted. You do not need to order carpet for your booth unless you prefer to do so.

Q: What furnishings are included with my booth? 
Each booth space will be set up with one 6'L x 30"H black draped table, two chairs, and one wastebasket. 

Q: How much should my Certificate of Insurance cover?
The insurance should cover the total cost of your booth materials. Typically, you can get this from your legal team or Insurance Provider. An example of how to fill out the certificate can be viewed here.

Q: Will there be free internet? 
We will have free wifi available for the conference through the venue, but if your exhibit will feature any demos or require above average bandwidth, internet ordering options can be found here.